Designing a Sustainable Future

Commercial & Government


Sorlox interacts with government agencies, national laboratories, universities, and other organizations on common goals in sustainable energy research.

In addition to our energy research, we also test and market specialized scientific apparatus, including industrial plasma processing devices. Our development techniques involve a combination of failure analysis, problem breakdown, attention to detail, solution reassembly, and concise documentation. 

Sorlox can also assist in upgrading your existing research infrastructure components and systems. Our global supply chain network consists of numerous specialist vendors offering the latest available technologies to meet program specific needs.


Sorlox offers access to the latest science behind magnetized plasma.  The compact scale of the Sorlox Deuterium Cell (SDC) offers benefits in facility sizing and minimal requirements for operations and research.


Organizations considering ventures into plasma research and development can now focus on their end application goals. Given the characteristics of the SDC, researchers will be able to conduct operations with little or no previous background.

Opportunities for projects within our organization are as varied as the devices we design. Sorlox is primarily a technology-driven company, combining the talents of engineering, mathematics, and physics professionals. Particular emphasis is placed on creativity for building working hardware from virtual concepts.


Sorlox is an engineering firm that prides itself in solving difficult problems, such as compact energy production, smart grid and power distribution.

After compiling information about a problem from a variety of archival sources, we refine this data into a fully searchable mathematical simulation engine. Our proprietary process was created to overcome significant mathematical challenges in an efficient manner using high speed computational engines.

The Sorlox research process starts with precisely modeling the properties of each distinct component that comprises a complex problem.  Our staff develops specific computer codes that exploit these properties for commercial applications.  The codes then optimize our solutions to meet an industrial need within the electrical power generation or medical market.