Designing a Sustainable Future


Sorlox develops compact pulsed plasma devices for a variety of uses.  Our focus is to design and market sustainable energy product solutions.  Products developed during the technology implementation phase have additional applications beyond power production, including medical isotope production, advanced materials and other science-based industries.

Sorlox Deuterium Cell (SDC) 

Model: PB-SDC 100                                               Power Production

The PB-SDC 100 delivers thermal energy to generate electricity using current boiler/steam interface technology. It does so by using Deuterium as a fuel source versus coal or natural gas used in conventional power plants.


The Deuterium is buried within a plasma structure that has been compressed to facilitate ignition. Heat generated from this reaction is delivered to the customer’s specific heat exchange process for electrical power generation.


The operational design specifications for each SDC ranges from 2kW up to 1MW of output electrical power. The desired power level is achieved by controlling the pulse repetition rate of the cell.


Due to the expandable nature of the technology, increasing power is accomplished by combining multiple cells into a “Sorlox Power Block" (PB), operating in the +1MW range. Initial test results will establish specifications for a PB in the 1 to 10 MW power range and above.
Model: IP-SDC 100                                             Isotope Production

The IP-SDC 100 is designed for isotope production, producing neutron-rich and neutron-depleted isotopes using a single machine, enabling your facility to meet the needs for clinical studies, research, and regional distribution.  The innovative approach to production benefits current and future planning for PET, TAT, in VIVO, and other procedures.

The isotopes than can be produced by the IP-SDC 100 include: Copper-64, Copper-67, and Actinium-225, as well as a number of other isotopes.

The production of Helium-3 is another by-product of our process.