Designing a Sustainable Future

Sorlox Deuterium Cell (SDC) technology is designed for a sustainable future.  Please take a few minutes to review the Sorlox Nautilus Compressor (SNC) video; it represents an alternative method for power generation using our patented design.

The Sorlox Deuterium Cell (SDC) delivers thermal energy to generate electricity using current boiler/steam interface technology. It does so by using Deuterium as a fuel source versus coal or natural gas used in existing power plants.

The SDC system incorporates and utilizes several known existing techniques; magnetized target fusion (MTF), field reversed configuration (FRC) and compact toroid (CT) generation. 

Our primary innovation is the use of a spiral-walled chamber, a nautilus shape, to compress a high-speed plasma structure CT.  This Sorlox Nautilus Compressor (SNC) design is a very compact, energy-efficient and cost-effective pulsed plasma device. The SNC provides a gradually contracting wall for the CT to react against as it travels from the nautilus entrance, through the transfer conduit, and ultimately into the burn chamber.

After compiling information about a problem from a variety of archive sources, we refine this data into a fully searchable mathematical simulation engine. Our proprietary process was created to overcome significant mathematical challenges in an efficient manner using high speed computational engines.
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